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Nuvo Sparkle Spray in Peacock Plume

A bottle of Nuvo Sparkle Spray from Tonic Studios.

"Nuvo Sparkle Spray in Peacock Plume is a perfect product for creating backgrounds and sparkling finishes. The formula contains ultra-fine silver glitter particles that create a glittering varnish finish which can be applied to a variety of surfaces such as wood, metal, fabric, cardboard, paper, and polystyrene. The charming bottle sits beautifully in your hand for easy usage, while the fine nozzle and ball bearing keep the spray fresh and sparkling."


A bottle of this is part of the September/October 2023 Embellishment Kit so if you subscribe to the Embellishment Kit only order this if you'd like an extra bottle as one will already be in your kit box.

Nuvo Sparkle Spray in Peacock Plume


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