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How do I make an order?

- Add your chosen items to your basket with the 'add to basket' button. When you're finished shopping locate your shopping bag, it's the icon in the top right of the page. Press on the bag and you'll be taken your shopping basket. From there you can see everything in your bag and make any changes you need to. Once you're happy press the Paypal button to complete your checkout. You don't need a Paypal account to pay you can choose the 'checkout as a guest' option to pay by credit or debit card.

What are the delivery charges?

- Delivery of Quirky Kits and subscribers extras is included in the subscription as a perk of subscribing. Choose the 'add to my Quirky Kit box' when you check out to get free postage as a subscriber. Delivery charges for the shop for UK delivery are £3.30 for 1st class post, £2.80 for 2nd class post. If you live outside the UK you'll get different options for delivery depending on where you are in the world.

Can I order if I don't live in the UK?

- Yes delivery is available world wide. The postage rate for your order is added when you check out. There are choices for courier or royal Mail depending on where you live. It can take up to 30 days for parcels shipped with Royal Mail to arrive so if you'd like your items sooner choose the courier option. If you're looking to subscribe to Quirky Kits choose the Europe option on the buttons on the subscripton page. If you're not in the UK or Europe and want to subscribe use the contact form or the form on the subscribe page as a new price may need to be worked out for you. Usually the cost is the same as for Europe but it depends on where you are in the world and how much more that costs to send out. Please note all prices are in pounds sterling so take into account your currency exchange rate when working out your costs and any relevant import taxes.


How do I subscribe to Quirky Kits?

- Visit the subscribe page. Read each kit type to choose the one you want and press the Subscribe UK or Subscribe rest if europe depending on where you are in the world, (the Europe price includes a little bit extra to go towards the extra cost of airmail). Your subscription payments begin on the day you subscribe and are debited regularly from that day onwards every two months.

Can I pay for my subscription on a specific day?

- Yes you can choose to pay for your kit via invoice payments so you can pay at any time you choose so long as it's the month before new kits are due to be posted out. Use the form on the contact page and just let us know which kit you'd like to subscribe to and that you'd like to pay via invoice payments and we'll set you up with an invoice you can pay securely online at the best time for you. Payments for kit boxes must be made by posting day, (each invoice will have a due by date). If you fail to pay and can't be contacted your subcription will be cancelled.

I want to subscribe to more than one kit, do I press the subscribe button each time?

- You can do that if you want to seperate your subscriptions, (you can press the subscribe button at different times so your payments go out different days). If you would like your kits put together as one payment use the form on the subscribe page and you'll be sent a link to begin the subscription bundle you want. For multi kit subscription paid together there's a multi kit discount of -£2 for two kits, -£4 for three kits and -£6 for all four kits. This discount is also obtainable for ktis of the same type sent to the same address.

How can I cancel my subscription if I need to?

- You can reply to your kit welcome message or any other kit message or use the contact form and let us know you want to cancel. You are required to cancel by the 1st of the month before new kits are due so there's time to refill your place. You can cancel at a later date but the cancel date will start after the final kit. So for example if you cancel on 1st February the Jan/Feb kit of that time would be your final kit. If you cancel 1st January your final kit would be the Nov/Dec one. If you have exceptional circumstances and need to cancel a.s.a.p dealing on a one to one case in those circumstances you'll be accomodated.


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