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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions 

Before you checkout via the store page on this website you're asked to acknowledge these term and conditions. You also acknowledge them when you begin a Quirky Kit subscription or make a purchase where you pay via a Paypal Invoice so if you have an issue with an order please refer to the terms.
By using this website you're agreeing you understand and are bound by these terms & conditions. The terms and condition on this page may have been extended from those provided at point of checkout to provide you with further information on the products and services.

General Terms and Conditions of Sale
There is no minimum order value. All stock levels are tracked and actual stock level will be displayed before you are allowed to checkout but there may be some inconsistencies. If any items are out of stock when you order you will be provided with a refund for the out of stock item/s or an alternative item/s may be offered if available.
Used goods may not be returned under any circumstances. If you need to return unused items you must do so at your own cost, unless the item ordered is faulty then your postage costs incurred for returning the item/s will be refunded. Items must be returned within a period of 14 days of receipt. Items must be returned in their original state/packaging. Items must be sent with proof of postage and using a signed for or secured delivery service. If you can not provide genuine proof of postage upon a returned item being lost your refund or replacement will not be issued.
Only items deemed unfit for use, (i.e items damaged in transit) will be eligible for postage refunds.
If you have ordered a kit, due to the nature of kits being in limited numbers there may not be the exact kit you ordered available as a replacement. Where an exact replacement for an undelivered or damaged kit cannot be provided a refund or suitably alternative kit will be offered instead.

You must be an adult to make orders from the website. It's a parent/guardian/s responsibility to prevent a child from ordering with that parent/guardian/s information. If it were to occur that an order was received in these circumstances it would be considered to be that of the parent/guardian.


Lost Parcels Policy
If you do not receive your order within 21 days of ordering or do not receive your Quirky Kit box within 21 days of receiving your shipping notification it’s a possibility your parcel may have become lost in transit. Please contact if you suspect your order may have been lost in the post. Initially you have the responsibility to locate your parcel at your local delivery office, (usually the Post Office).  Please also consider checking in places your parcels have been left before i.e with neighbours or in a convenient place you’ve let your post person use before. If your parcel can not be located a replacement parcel can be sent out if available.


Quirky Kit Subscriptions
When you subscribe to Quirky Kits the subscription is on-going until you choose to cancel. You must cancel by the 1st of the month before the next kit is released as this is the time your kit goes into production and each kit is made up individually for each subscriber. To request a cancellation please use the contact form on the website. If you pay for your subscription via Paypal automatic payments your data is controlled by Paypal so you must log into your Paypal account to make changes to your personal and/or payment information and keep it up to date.

When you subscribe to any of the Quirky Kits via the website subscribe buttons your kit payments will be debited on that same date every two months for as long as you want to subscribe. If at any time you want to change the time your kit payments are debited use the contact from to request this so your subscription can be stopped from recurring and you can sign up at a different time to restart them. Subscriptions can also be paid for via Paypal invoice payments. Invoices are sent out the month before a new kit is due and you can pay the invoice any time during that month before kits are due to be posted out. A kit subscription item in the shop in some instances will be provided to enable you to purchase your subscription payment if the other options don't work for you. Kits must be paid for before being posted out, signing up for a subscription does not automatically entitle you to a kit. For example you can not sign up for a subscription via a form on the website without paying for a kit and expect that kit be delivered. Same will apply if you cancel or Paypal cancel your automatic payment before a kit is due to be sent out.
If at any time your subscription payment can not be made automatically Paypal will attempt the payment again for a total of three times. Upon the third try failing your subscription payments will automatically be cancelled by Paypal. You’ll get a message from Paypal sent to the email you have registered with them to let you know this has happened. You will be contacted if this happens before the next kit is due to be delivered so you can arrange a different payment method if necessary. If you can not be contacted to establish if you would like to continue your subscription it will remain cancelled and if you want to carry on with your subscription you’ll need to re-subscribe.

If you need clarification on any terms here please use the contact form to get in touch.

Thank you!

Who I am

My name L Banks, business/trading name is Crafty Templates and website is

If you need to write to me you can contact me at 4 Mulberry Avenue Ryhill Wakefield WF4 2BB

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