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Privacy Policy & Notices

Hi! Here you can read about how and why your personal information is used on this website and I've also added further details so you know all the steps taken with any personal information you provide. Hopefully you'll find everything clear and concise but if you need further explanations on anything please do not hesitate to contact me,

x Leonora

Who I am

My name L Banks, business name is Crafty Templates and website is

If you need to write to me you can contact me at 4 Mulberry Avenue Ryhill Wakefield WF4 2BB

Before we start, to make things clear any time I'm referring to 'you' I'm talking to you, the user reading this page right now or whomever you my be reading this information to/on behalf of. This policy may be updated as and when needed. It can always be found on this page to refer back to upon any visit to the website.

What, Why and How your Personal Information is Used 

When you make an order via this website or via invoice payment or kit subscription you enter into a contract with me to supply you with your goods/service. I take your name, email and your address in order to fulfil that contract, (sending you your goodies and communicating with you about orders and/or subscription). Your details, (name, email, phone if provided and address on your box notes and invoices) are held on a computer with a firewall and constantly updated Internet Security Software. I keep your information only to process your order and communicate with you relating to your order or subscription. If I've emailed you I will have a record of your email address and the email contents which may then be kept and recorded by a third party email processor, this works both ways you the user will also have the same information stored by your email processor when it appears on your email inbox so familiarise yourself with your email processor's terms and conditions and privacy policy as my privacy policy does not apply to your personal email.

When you pay for an order or a subscription your payment details will be securely processed by Paypal or Stripe. To be PCI compliant I do not personally ask for or store or process your card payment details. My store pages and processes on this website are supplied by Wix, Wix also logs your IP address when you visit this website. You can read the privacy policy of each company via the following links:

Paypal, Stripe, Wix.

Your data is collected by each of these companies, (when you place an order or use a contact form on this website) in order to fulfil and process your order and/or reply to a query. If it's stored it's done so in a safe, secure way. It has to be in order for them to operate legally but if you have any reservations please read though their own privacy policies and be aware that by using this website you'll also be using their services where relevant to process your personal information, (Wix if you're using the website, Paypal if you're using their payment service and/or Stripe if you're purchasing with a credit/debit card via the shop checkout). In the case of Paypal Subscription payments and Invoice Payments Paypal act as the data controller. Paypal will prompt you to set up an account to enable your control over your personal data. When you need to update your personal information you'll need to do so via your Paypal account. By using these services, (Paypal subscription payments and Paypal Invoice payments) you're agreeing to Paypal's terms and conditions.

Other times I need to share your personal data with a third party, (in order to fulfil my contract with you) is when I create a postage label where I need to provide your address and name to Royal Mail, (or other courier company of which you'll be informed). In this case Royal Mail act as the data controller to ensure the responsible use of your personal information,


Digital Data Retention

When you supply your personal data via a contact form on this website or via making an order on the website your data is captured and retained by to enable me to contact you and fulfil your order or reply to your query, I can delete the contact information that Wix stores via a dashboard facility at any time. If you would prefer me to do this for your contact information please let me know at via the contact form or email

In compliance with GDPR you can request a log of all the data stored. You can email me directly to ask for a copy of your data, It'll take a minimum of 48 hours to compile the data Wix, has recorded and it may take longer to compile any additional information but your information will be supplied within 30 days.

In compliance with GDPR you can request a 'right to be forgotten'. This is where all your compiled digital data is destroyed. To facilitate this please email me directly at and I will start the process of deletion. Please note that I need to keep certain records to comply with other legal obligations. 


The website is secured with SSL technology. Your browser should display something like a 'padlock' icon in the browser bar and the http ends with an s to let you know your data is secure. This is the information Wix provides in regards to website security:

The Wix Stores checkout process is secured by HTTPS / TLS encryption and it is safe for your customers to purchase from your Wix site. 

TLS (Transport Layer Security) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and secure. TLS is the industry standard and is used by millions of websites in the protection of their online transactions with their customers.


Please note and accept that no method of transmission over the Internet or electronic storage is ever 100% secure always be aware of this when providing your personal information.

Other ways I may use your personal information I'd like to make you aware of

If you've ever spoken to me personally you may have noted me talking about my 'list' for kit subscriptions. This is an actual paper handwritten list where I list names of Quirky Kit subscribers so I can refer to it quickly and easily and make adjustment notes pertaining to your subscription fulfilment, (this is especially useful to be during the chaos of kit posting day!). The lists themselves are kept in bound books and when they become full are destroyed. They're never shared with anyone and the information is only kept to enable the process of your subscription order fulfilment. If ever I have a miss print on a box note, label or invoice that leads to it not being used in your parcel that has any of your personal data recorded on it, (primarily your name and address) that will also be destroyed, (shredded) before being disposed of.

Mailing Lists

If you've seen on the homepage, there's a form to subscribe to the shop newsletter, providing your email there (or on the same newsletter sign up form on the Crafty Templates Facebook page) is the only way you're ever put on a mailing list to receive emails about special offers or other things going on with the Crafty Templates shop. There's a separate mailing list operated for Quirky Kit subscribers. That list has your name and email on it and allows me to send you a newsletter email to let you know when it's new kit posting day and when the extras shop is open. You're only sent this small amount of relevant information I do not use my Quirky Kit subscriber list for sending any other marketing material, it's purely to facilitate sending information pertaining to your Quirky Kit subscription. Further more nor will this information ever be made available for sale to a third party. For both mailing lists I use MailChimp as a data processor. They also collect data I can access namely to tell me if you've opened the email and where you/your device is, (via your IP address).

You can opt out of either mailing list at any time using the 'opt out/unsubscribe' link or change your held personal information, (indicated as 'update your preferences') via a link at the bottom of every email sent. 

I never supply any other information to Mailchimp other than your name and email to facilitate the mailing list function. Read Mailchimp's Privacy Policy. to familiarise yourself with how and where Mailchimp process your data.

A Note On Sending Your Personal Information via Social Networks

By 'social networks' I'm talking about Facebook including it's messenger app, Instagram and anywhere else with an online public presence where you contact me publically or via direct message or 'personal message'. I strongly advise and discourage you not to provide any personal information via these services as I have no control over how your data is captured, viewed or used in these cases. By all means we can chat and communicate informally but if you have a need to let me know of a change of address or are  trying to communicate card numbers for a purchase do not send this kind of personal information via these kinds of services 1: they're not secure and 2: I do not process card numbers directly so I'll never ask you for that kind of information. If ever I receive it I'll delete it but the 'social network' third party will have a copy of your sent message that I can not delete. If you have these kinds of messages in your 'inbox' you'll need to apply to that third party to remove that information.


I have to inform you that cookies are used on this website

I think programmers must be constantly hungry, have you ever realised how many food terms there are within IT! Cookies are in simplest terms bite sized bits of information, (little bits of text files as a matter of fact) collected by your browser and stored on a database and on your own computer/mobile device to enable the website to work as efficiently as possible for you. There are two main kinds of cookies: session cookies and persistent cookies.  Session cookies are deleted from your computer when you close your browser, (so you're ending your browsing session and the cookies are no longer used). Persistent cookies remain stored on your computer until deleted, or until they expire. An example of a persistent cookie used for instance is the shopping basket function on the website. If you add things to your basket the browser cookie will 'remember' and store what you've picked out to show that information to you every time you access the website.

As my web platform provider this data is captured and processed by Wix, WixHive API who facilitate all the website workings and have control over the cookie data.  For information on how Wix handles site visitors' data please review sections 8, 12, and 13 of Wix's Privacy Policy

You can block and delete third party cookies via your browser settings but if you do so it may prevent this website from working correctly. I've listed how you can do that below via the most popular browsers. Check out this website to learn more on cookies and how you can take control of your data,

Internet Explorer -

Chrome -

Firefox -

Safari, (apple) -

Once you leave my website or are redirected to a third-party website or application, you are no longer governed by this Privacy Policy so it's important you familiarise yourself with the privacy policy of the website you visit.


This Privacy Statement does not include or is applicable to anyone who may use the Crafty Templates logos or name with or without granted permission. For example in relation to competitions run on blogs or Social Media, (Instagram, Facebook etc.).


Thank you for reading!

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